7 things to consider before joining a MMA Gym.

How to Find a Good MMA Gym

There are several important factors that you will want to consider before choosing a MMA gym.

MMA Instructor


  • The instructors need to represent themselves truthfully. Would you really want to train with someone that claimed to be a internationl black belt champion if they never competed?

  • Also, does the instructor do what they say they will do? No sense in learning from a bozo that says "I won't hit you" and immediately punches you in the nose.


  • Every MMA instructor has a training and fighting philosophy. Do they believe that it's important for beginners to master the basics before learning more advanced techniques? How about fight competitions, should you pace yourself and react to your opponent or should you set the fight rhythm finish the fight quickly.

  • Also, do they favor judo or wrestling take downs? Is Muay Thai, Boxing, brazillian jiu-jitsu, ground and pound, or praying and waiting the preferred approach in a fight?


  • So what if the instructor used to be a professional mixed martial arts fighter. The real question is can you teach and coach well enough so you are able to fight well?


  • It can be akward training in a mixed martial arts school if it's hard to get along with the people that train there.


  • It's rare, but there are MMA instructors that don't care about their students. Find a new MMA school if this is the case.



In addition to the MMA instructor, the existing students in your class will usually determine your training experience. The students that make the best training partners are people that you get along with, are willing to teach what they learn, and do not easily give up! LocationThere will be many days where you will feel exhausted from school or work and want to not train because the MMA school you choose is simply too far away. If you fall into this category, consider enrolling in the school that's closest to your apartment or home.

Another factor to consider is if there's adequate parking, does the parking lot have pot holes or broken glass, and if there's adequate lighting so you don't trip over a rock after an exhausting training sesssion.


What do you notice when you first walk into the room? Does the air smell foul, are the mats clean, how about the locker room? Is there adequate space so you won't get accidentally hit in the back of your head by someone that didn't see you?


Does class start late enough so you can get there after school or work on time and does class end early enough so you can get up in time the next morning and is the class length appropriate for your fitness and fighting goals?


What type of equipment does the school have? It doesn't have to be brand new but it should be clean and sanitary.


Is it affordable? A lot of schools allow new students to try 1 or 2 classes before they have to pay. If you're uncertain, ask the instructor if it's possible to train for a couple of weeks.